Manages the parents and the overall administration of the team. He/she is responsible for match day documents/procedures and all communication to parents - especially rostering of parents to perform various match roles (see below) and facility set-up and take-down procedures . The committee appreciates being included in these communications.

When playing at home, TMs are responsible for assisting league appointed umpires and welcoming opposition teams (home grounds). During games, TMS are responsible for all communication between teams - i.e. TM to TM.

New TMs should read the following documents to develop a full understanding of compliance responsibilities. The St Kilda City JFC Club Secretary is also available to assist as needed:

  • St KCJFC Team Manager's Run Sheet
  • Wattie Watson set-up and take-down protocol
  • Peanut Farm set-up and take-down protocol
  • MSJFL Team Manager's Duties
  • MSJFL Club Handbook
  • MSJFL List of Fines
  • MSJFL Team Managers On-line Database Instructions
Once on top of the essential compliance issues, TMs should focus on finding ways to foster engagement of the parent group with their child's footy team. TMS should stay in touch with the club committee to build a broad understanding of the club operations and the strategic issues around the long term strength and sustainability of the team.

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