General Responsibilities: The club President is responsible for:

  1. Overall coordination of club operations in line with its mission and objectives.
  2. As chair of the central committee, the President takes primary responsibility for planning and execution of general improvements and major new initiatives
  3. Representing the club externally, including:
    1. Discussions with other clubs in the MSJFL (with Secretary)
    2. Discussions/negotiations with local council (City of Port Phillip)
    3. Negotiations with other sporting clubs that use our facilities, including St Kilda City Football Club (the seniors), St Kilda City Sharks (the womens), Elwood Soccer Club, Elwood Cricket club and Elwood Touch Rugby
  4. Scheduling and chairing of club meetings
  5. Succession planning, i.e. recruitment of new officials (coaches, managers and committee members) and offering support while individuals settle into their roles

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