General: Tribunal advocates are responsible for managing the club's response to game-day incidents resulting in player reports. Typically about 1 or 2 tribunal hearings are required per year.

Player advocates are required to undertaken advocate training conducted by the MSJFL. This training covers tribunal procedures including what is expected of advocates and the principles followed by the tribunal when handing down judgements.

Should one of our officials/players be reported, the MSJFL contacts either the secretary or the president who then seeks asistance from the Tribunal Advocate. The Advocate makes contact with the player and coach to determine if the player wishes to accept the set penalty (if offered) or if a tribunal hearing is required - in which case, the Advocate will peruse the umpires reports, speak to various witnesses and prepare an argument in defence. The Advocate will also represent the player at the tribunal hearing -- usually held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Anyone with any legal training / background (e.g. lawyer) is not eligible to serve as a tribunal advocate.

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