General Responsibilities: The Recruiting and Promotions Manager is responsible for promotion of the club to prospective players and parents. As this is a new role, specific strategies and tactics for promoting our club to the general community have yet to be fully determined. The following activities have been discussed by the committee:

  1. Conduct a "come and try day" at the Wattie Watson oval to allow new players to get a closer look at our club - this would need to be advertised
  2. Hold information sessions for parents in conjunction with the above and/or with the initial training sessions
  3. Produce a series of posters designed to appeal to players of different ages. These to be posted at a wide range of schools.
  4. Provide input to the redesigned website to present our club as a fun and community minded organisation
  5. Include recruitment of umpires in these various initiatives
  6. Act as primary contact point for interaction with the Kajji Foundation[1]

[1] The Kajji Foundation has been established by James Woods (our 2009 U16 team manager) to manage the funds donated to bring indigenous boys down from the Northern Territory to play and study here in St Kilda at our club and several private secondary schools.

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