General Responsibilities: The Equipment Manager is responsible for procurement and distribution of all sporting equipment as required by each team. The range of equipment covered by this position includes:

  1. Footballs - both training and match. Manager is responsible for ensuring that each team has an adequate supply of footballs of appropriate size and quality -- within budget constraints
  2. Jumpers - the club provides each registered player with a team jumper at the beginning of the season and expects to receive that jumper back at the end of the season. The equipment manager is responsible for ensuring that the club has sufficient jumpers of various size before the season commences and needs to liaise with team managers at the end of the season to reclaim as many jumpers as possible. The equipment manager needs to conduct a inventory check to determine how many jumpers need to be ordered over the summer.
  3. Other miscellaneous sporting equipment. As necessary from time to time, the equipment manager needs to purchase various sporting equipment such as goal post padding, coaches clipboards, water bottles etc
  4. Trophies and Awards. At the end of each season, the equipment manager is responsible for placing orders on behalf of each team for the purchase of trophies and other awards
  5. At the end of each season, make arrangements to have the various honour boards updated

The merchandise manager is responsible for procuring club branded nerchandise to be made available for sale to players and parents. The new online regstration system can easily be extended to allow on-line sales of club merchandise. The merchandise manager also needs to coordinate with the sponsorship manager to procure co-branded merchandise as part of our sponsorhip fund raising efforts.

To date, these items include those listed below although a creative manager could extend its range and make a significant contribution to club revenues.

  1. Shorts and socks
  2. Jackets and polo shirts

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