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Like all community football clubs, St Kilda City JFC is run by parent volunteers - on any Sunday during the season there must be at least 1 parent volunteer 'official' for every 3 players. Every Sunday during the season we field about 110 parent volunteers to get our 12 teams up and running.

So what do all these volunteers do, and do we really need so many? Well, the table below shows where these volunteers work. If you're interested to learn more, check out the Club Officials and Team Officials sections of this website.

  • Club officials: At present we have a committee of 6 covering all of the roles listed so your participation will be welcome. If you're interested, please contact a current committee member
  • Team officials: If you'd like to take on one of the 3 permanent roles, please contact a committee member. You team manager will be more than happy to roster you on or let you take a role for the full season.

Team level officials

Club level positions (covering all teams)

Compulsory positions (fines issued by the league if not filled)

* These positions are permanent positions held for a full season. Others can change from one game to the next

  • Coach *
  • Team Manager*
  • Trainer*
  • Boundary umpire
  • Goal Umpire
  • Umpire Escort
  • Time Keeper

  • President
  • Secretary

Necessary for long term viability

+These roles currently covered by our President or Vice President

  • Runner
  • Social Coordinator
  • Photographer
  • Water boy/girl
  • Scoreboard operator
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Fixture coordinator+
  • Canteen/catering Manager
  • Social coordinator
  • Equipment Manager+
  • Merchandise Manager+
  • Recruiting and Promotions Manager+
  • Sponsorship Coordinator+
  • Tribunal Advocate
  • Wattie Watson oval grounds manager
  • Coaches Coordinator
  • Risk Management Officer


Even if we had full-time officials, there would be various ad hoc projects that nobody can find time to do. If you see a project that you think should be done, you're welcome to contact your team manager or a committee member and discuss it with him or her. More than likely, they'll be glad to let you run with it after bringing you up to speed with whatever else is happening in that area.

If you can't think of anything but want to help, Mr President always has a list of various projects that he just can't get to - just give him a call. A good example is the research work required to source some larger capital expenditure items which we already have the money for; such as: coffee machine, BBQ, electronic score-board, new furniture at Wattie Watson.


At various stages in the year - particularly when we hold events - we need volunteers to do various things like run the BBQ, sign up new players, serve behind the bar, move equipment in and out of storage, arrange venues, collect auction items, find a sponsor, etc. If you'd like to give us a hand with these types of things - assuming you're available at the time - just put your name, team and e-mail on the form below and we'll give you a call at some point during the season.

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