Trainers are responsible for the health and safety of the players. Attendance at training is not necessary at younger age levels but highly desirable at older (U14s +) age levels. At all age levels, trainers have full responsibility for players' health and safety on match days. This involves making sure all players are well enough to play before the game starts, attending to injuries during the game and, if need be telling the coach that their star player is too injured to continue. Trainers must also follow-up with parents after the game with respect to any injuries and check that the injury has been resolved before the player takes the field the following Sunday.

The MSJFL requires trainers to hold minimum First Aid qualifications which increase with the age level of the team. Many health-care professional such as GPs, physiotherapists and nurses are exempt from these certification levels. See the attached document for description for Trainers' certification requirements. Early in the season, the league offers regular training courses - costs covered by the club.

Since the 2010 season, the MSJFL has required clubs to appoint 'Home Ground' trainers with higher levels of qualification to assist team trainers from both Home & Away teams. These trainers attend our two home grounds for the entire duration of all matches on any given Sunday. Team trainers should make themsleves known to 'Home Ground' trainers when playing both at home and away.

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